10 Ways To Ignite Your Instagram Feed

With over 300 million active monthly users and 70 million photos being uploaded each day, Instagram has solidified itself as a major force in the social media sphere since being launched in October of 2010. How major? Over 30 billion photos have been uploaded onto the platform in just over five years–and it’s not just a bunch of brunch snaps and selfies, either. Established brands are recognize the power of the platform and are using it to engage existing fans, acquire new ones and boost their business. Here are 5 ways to do the same.

Pay attention to your bio. It should be clear, informative and have relevant information as well as a link to your website or a recent blog post or profile.

Decide your POV. Are you going to post as the brand, a blogger, the owner or will this be a personal account? You need to have an understanding of what your platform message will be and what angle you’ll be posting from.

Think globally. 70 percent of Instagram users users outside of the United States. This is a wonderful opportunity to post ways your brand services clients from a wide demographic.

Showcase beautiful imagery. Instagram is a visual platform that should be inspiring, interesting and show off the best parts of your brand. Post clear, beautiful images that highlight various elements of your brand in a way that looks cohesive and pleasing to the eye.

Add a line or two of editorial. Tell your followers a little about the image. Make them think, point out something you want to make sure they notice and add a call to action whenever you can.

Use the correct hashtags. Research those trending for your brand and topic and don’t use more than 5.

Give credit and use tags. If you use someone’s image, be sure to give credit in your post and tag them on the actual photo.

Don’t overpost. You want to post 2-5 times a week, maximum.

Follow others, support their posts and share the love. As with all platforms, this is a community. Get involved and show support. This is how you will gain followers and potential partnerships and cross-promotional opportunities.

Have fun. Remember to showcase you (or your brand’s) personality and don’t be too serious with it. You want it to look polished and professional, but it should also look like you’re inviting your followers in to have a good time.